Examples of our work

Standard Parts Requests

A popular request is for parts of the 1" Minnie Traction Engine. These include blower valve, filler cap & blowdown valve.

  • PA241852
  • P7201951
  • P4121915

Repair & Replacements

A repair or replacement service is also undertaken. This blower valve was leaking & the spindle extention had broken. A new valve was made.

A replacement turret whistle valve was made to replace the original leaking one. It was made as close as possible to the original to preserve the look as it was made by a family member.

Special Requirements

We can also produce fittings to your own requirements. In this case a bottom water gauge fitting was needed with the blowdown outlet at 135° & a bar style handle.

We also undertake repairs and small machining jobs. Please contact us to see if we can help with your project.